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NOTICE is hereby given that M/s HCL Learning Limited (“HCL Learning”) has discontinued the Career Development Centers (“CDC”) from the 31st day of July, 2016 across all the location in India (except for Bhopal Franchisee- Creative and Skill India).

HCL Learning has stopped taking any fresh enrolments w.e.f. August 01, 2016 and Public at large is hereby informed that since all CDCs have been discontinued, HCL Learning disclaims any responsibility related to CDC franchisee/ premises/ name boards that are found using the HCL/ HCL Learning brand name/ logo/ insignia. HCL Learning shall not be responsible for any right, claim, liability whatsoever arising out of any enrolment(s).

All CDC franchisee/ premises/ are strictly advised to refrain from use of any Intellectual Property, Confidential Information, Technical Information, Reference Material, Technical Know-how etc. belonging to HCL Learning. Any CDCs found indulging in any illegal enrolments and or issue of false certificates, letters etc. would be liable for civil as well as criminal action at their cost and risk.

Any communications, including but not limited to issue of any Certificates, Letters etc. issued in the name of HCL Learning CDC would be unauthorized and HCL Learning will not be responsible for any claims, liabilities, representations, complaints etc. arising thereunder.

For HCL Learning Limited
Mr. Harish Wadhwa, Business Head, HCL Learning Ltd
Place: NOIDA
Date: 19th September, 2016